Multidisciplinary artist


Chronoscopies, digital images, 2006-2010.

These images are the result of a process where the smallest pieces of information in a digital image, the pixels, captured fragments of successive moments over a period of time ranging from one to several hours. The images were constructed sequentially, similarly to a text, from left to right and top to bottom.

45.5019, -73.5710 [2010-11-12T11:28:52/13:35:29], from the series Chronoscopies. 187 x 107 cm digital print presented in a LED lightbox. 2010.

Intersection of Sainte-Catherine West and McGill College.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
2010/11/12 - 11:28:52AM > 01:35:29PM

  47.9013, 1.9027 [2010-04-30T16:45:53/18:51:07], from the series Chronoscopies. 83 x 150 cm digital print presented in a LED lightbox. 2010.

De Gaulle tramway station.
Orleans, France.
2010/04/30 4:45:53PM > 6:51:07PM


Magnitudes, interactive installation, 2004-2005.

Sonic, visual and tactile environment transformed by the presence and movements of the visitors.


Intersections, interactive installation, 2005.

When touching the surface of the screen, the visitor refreshes horizontal and vertical slices of the image and provokes an artificial acoustic opening to the outside of the exhibition space.

Montréal, le 28 octobre 2004

Montréal, le 28 octobre 2004, QuickTime VR with sound, 2004-2005.

Audiovisual panorama where the 360 degrees of the QTVR display a 24 hours cycle.

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