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L'atomisation du temps

L'atomisation du temps.
Solo exhibition at Occurrence.
Presented in collaboration with Elektra.
From May 7th to June 18 2011.

L'atomisation du temps (The Atomization of Time) draws together images, videos and media installations that use the matrix structure of the digital image to visualize spatiotemporal phenomena. Retracing events lasting between one hour and one year, each representation is the result of a process in which pixels have individually captured fragments of successive moments. This temporal dislocation operation generates stratigraphic images which reveal the randomness, rhythms, intensities and transitory moments of a reality in constant flux.

The exhibition also includes prints of 3D point clouds related to an interactive installation in which these models of urban spaces are transformed according to the fluctuation of environmental data collected in real time on the Web.

In the works shown at Occurrence, the pixels of images and the points of 3D models are used as space-time units in order to translate the variability of environmental conditions while questionning the threshold of perception, the vague area where «noise» becomes a source of information.

5277 Avenue du Parc
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
H2V 4G9

Tuesday - Saturday, 12PM to 5PM.
Friday, 12PM to 8PM.

45.5019, -73.5710 [2010-11-12T11:28:52/13:35:29], from the series Chronoscopies. 187 x 107 cm digital print presented in a LED lightbox. 2010.

Intersection of Sainte-Catherine West and McGill College.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
2010/11/12 - 11:28:52AM > 01:35:29PM

  47.9013, 1.9027 [2010-04-30T16:45:53/18:51:07], from the series Chronoscopies. 83 x 150 cm digital print presented in a LED lightbox. 2010.

De Gaulle tramway station.
Orleans, France.
2010/04/30 4:45:53PM > 6:51:07PM

One year sampling of Montreal's sky used for the media installation Ciels variables (Variable Skies).

Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts for it's support, to Occurrence, Perte de Signal, Elektra, the Lombart family, Alexis Bellavance, Centre Sagamie, Labomédia, Géographies variables, Nelly-Ève Rajotte, Sonny Harrisson, Benoit Quévillon, Maude Meury-Benoit, Ralf Pickart and Oliver for the videos.

Géographies variables :: Artist-in-residence at Labomédia

Presentation of work accomplished at Labomédia (Orléans, France) during the Géographies variables artist-in-residence program.

Exhibition at 108 - Maison Bourgogne
during the event La Fête des 01.

108, rue de Bourgogne, Orléans, France.
Opening May 14th 2010 at 6:30 PM.
The exhibition ends on May 23rd 2010.
Opened from 2PM to 7PM.

  47.9013, 1.9027 [2010-04-30T16:45:53/18:51:07], from the series Chronoscopies.

De Gaulle tramway station.
Orleans, France.
2010/04/30 4:45:53PM > 6:51:07PM

The exhibition at La Maison Bourgogne presented digital images from the series Chronoscopies made in Montréal (Canada) and Orléans (France), as well as a media installation that allowed the user to manipulate 3D point cloud data of Orléans. This is the first part of a project that aims to transform 3D models according to environmental information collected on the Web (see Dérive).

Orléans point cloud visualization

Thanks to everyone at Labomédia, Julie Morel and François Vallée. Géographies variables is a France-Québec exchange program initiated by and La Chambre Blanche. It is supported by Consulat de France au Québec and Québec's Ministère des relations internationales.

Esse n° 66 - Disappearance

A text by Claire Savoie about the installation Les attracteurs étranges figures in the Spring / Summer 2009 edition of esse arts + opinions magazine.

  Esse arts + opinions
n° 66 - Disparition | Disappearance

Themed section on various forms of disappearance of the part of the artwork—from imperceptible trace to visual disruption, from dissimulation from view to total absence. Including 3 portfolios.

Articles: Work by Shu Yong, an interview with Daniel Buren, Duchamp and Music, a portrait of curator Nicole Gingras, Claudia del Fierro at Optica gallery, Intrus / Intruders exhibition at the MNBAQ.

Les attracteurs étranges

Les attracteurs étranges, installation, 2006-2008.

This installation is an architectural intervention that separates spaces and connects them back together through an interactive smoke screen contained in a glassed wall. The density and dynamics of a mass of artificial fog is altered by computer controlled ventilators which are activated according to the movements and positions of the public on both sides.

This project was supported by the FQRSC, Interstices and CIAM. Thanks to Gisèle Trudel, Stéphane Beaudet for the electronics, Lynn Hughes & Jean Dubois (Interstices), Oboro and EAVM-UQAM.

Strange Attractors, text by Claire Savoie published in esse arts et opinions #66 -Disappearance. Spring / Summer 2009.


Documentation of the installation presented at OBORO from September 13th to October 28th 2008 during the exhibition Amplified Intimacies / Coefficients d'intimité by Interstices.

Interstices' exhibition catalogue with essays by Lynn Hughes and Jean Dubois :
About Interstices' exhibition at OBORO:



Documentation of the installation presented at the CDEx from March 20th to March 29th 2008.