Multidisciplinary artist

SIM Residency Reykjavik

Samband íslenskra myndlistarmanna Residency.
Reykjavík, Iceland.
August 2014.

ASTER GDEM (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer Global Digital Elevation Model) data of Iceland rendered with a shallow depth of field. The virtual camera moves towards the North.

Waiting for Bárðarbunga, non-linear audiovisual installation.

Variations for strings and winds, interactive installation.

Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for their support.


Enlisement, photographies, 2013.

Points de repère

Points de repère, 2013.
3D animation with sound.
6 min. 5 sec. loop.

Points de repère is a poetic visualization and sonification of one year on the Plateau-Mont-Royal, a borough of the city of Montreal in Canada. Similarly to a satellite, a virtual camera gravitates around a point cloud model of the Plateau. Environmental data such as temperature, humidity, rain, snow and air pollution, measured by sensors and weather stations are sonified and determine how the 3D model is displayed. Data collected between September first 2012 and 2013 transform the space at a rate of one day per second as we make a 360 degrees revolution around it. By putting into play the Plateau's fluctuating environmental conditions with its architecture, infrastructures and geography, this digital archaeology simultaneously reveals and dissimulates information about the location.

Environmental data determine the following aspects of the 3D point cloud and were used to generate the soundtrack through a sound synthesis process.
Length of day : Point size
Temperature : Point color values
Humidity : Point sharpness
Visibility and air quality : Depth of field parameters
Wind and precipitation : Point displacements
Atmospheric pressure : Vertical axis of the camera

Part of the exhibition Lives and Times of the Plateau, presented at Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal Museum of Archaeology and History. Thanks to Pointe-à-Callière, Daniel Canty and Multiple.


Le Plateau s'invite au musée Pointe-à-Callière avec l'exposition «Vies de Plateau». Article by Ismaël Houdassine. Huffington Post. October 24th 2013.

Vies de Plateau: un quartier «chef de file». Article by Éric Clément. La Presse. October 21st 2013.

Pointe-à-Callière looks at the Lives and Times of the Plateau. Article by Robyn Fadden. Tourisme Montréal, October 30th 2013.


Artwork for the album Neuroplanets by sound artist and musician Novi_sad.

Neuroplanets is a project directed by Novi_sad that explores the aesthetics of information on sound. Initially based on multiple ways of audio analysis in rare sonic phenomena taking place on other planets, it has been developed and executed by applying data and numerical elements from neurosciences, on tracks commissioned from BJ Nilsen, Daniel Menche, Francisco López and Mika Vainio.

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Neural 47, Art in the age of neurological reproduction
Neural issue #47 features an interview with Novi_sad and Neuroplanets's artwork on its cover.