Multidisciplinary artist

Les attracteurs étranges

Les attracteurs étranges, installation, 2006-2008.

This installation is an architectural intervention that separates spaces and connects them back together through an interactive smoke screen contained in a glassed wall. The density and dynamics of a mass of artificial fog is altered by computer controlled ventilators which are activated according to the movements and positions of the public on both sides.

This project was supported by the FQRSC, Interstices and CIAM. Thanks to Gisèle Trudel, Stéphane Beaudet for the electronics, Lynn Hughes & Jean Dubois (Interstices), Oboro and EAVM-UQAM.

Strange Attractors, text by Claire Savoie published in esse arts et opinions #66 -Disappearance. Spring / Summer 2009.


Documentation of the installation presented at OBORO from September 13th to October 28th 2008 during the exhibition Amplified Intimacies / Coefficients d'intimité by Interstices.

Interstices' exhibition catalogue with essays by Lynn Hughes and Jean Dubois :
About Interstices' exhibition at OBORO:



Documentation of the installation presented at the CDEx from March 20th to March 29th 2008.